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Exquisite Plants for Exceptional Retailers


Schubert Nursery is dedicated to growing and selling plants of exquisite beauty, uncompromised quality and with thoughtful and caring service.  For over 40 years, Schubert has brought the discriminating buyer a unique selection of indoor and patio plants at truly competitive prices. We are considered the leading grower and designer of ivy topiaries, our flagship product line.


Our Plants


Schubert offers the most complete line of Ivy Topiaries in the United States.  We also grow an extensive selection of herbs (such as Rosemary and Lavender) and small shrubs (such as Euonymus) in a wide variety of Topiary shapes.  We have built a strong reputation for our potted ferns and foliage as well. 


Over the years through experience, experimentation and trial and error, our growers have determined the optimal growing conditions and methods for producing the healthiest, longest lasting Topiaries available today.  These include mixing our own potting medium to a specific recipe and quality standard, providing the right amount of light, moisture and fertility levels during production to ensure lasting success in the home environment, and choosing the toughest, most durable and exquisite looking plant varieties we can find.


Our People


The growing and selling of exquisite plants requires exceptional people, which we are fortunate enough to have found.  Although we strive to reduce costs by streamlining operations or adding mechanization where possible in order to remain competitive, we are not a factory.  Each one of our Topiaries is handcrafted by our dedicated and capable Production staff.  Our fine group of Sales Professionals takes great pride in personally serving and taking care of "their" customers.  Finally, the tireless individuals in the Shipping Department visually check each plant for quality, hand wrap it in paper, place it in a box (which is sometimes like doing a puzzle) and manually place packing material into the box before sealing it.  All that to make sure that our exquisite plants reach our customers in excellent shape.


Our Locations


Schubert Nursery owns and operates two facilities to better serve our customers.  Our entire line of Topiaries and other potted plants are grown and crafted in Salinas, California.  The California operation also ships to our customers roughly in the western half of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  Our customers in the eastern half of the United States are served by our greenhouse and packing warehouse in Greensboro, North Carolina.  The operation in North Carolina is refilled regularly with fresh plants sent straight from our greenhouses in California via temperature controlled, air-ride trucks filled exclusively with our plants.  With this system we are able to efficiently and safely (for the plants) bridge the distance between the East and West Coasts.